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Master Planning: A Question of Balance

Real estate development is a complex field that is guided by a wide array of distinct, and often conflicting, interests. Builders seek favorable land for healthy building environments. Landowners want fair market value for their property based on its development potential.

OurPurposeSmallRegulatory agencies and environmental groups look to preserve open space and protect the integrity of the landscape. Municipal officials wrestle with issues of schools, traffic, public services and local property taxes. Finally, members of the existing community seek answers to questions about the character of new development and its impact on their quality of life.

Balancing these diverse interests is the key to the success of any development. It requires a singular vision that shifts the focus from individually held short-term gains to a broader community plan whose long-term value is clear to all concerned. Such a vision, in turn, calls for a development organization whose talent, creativity and resources can be entirely committed to the success of the community as a whole. That is a good definition of how Crown Community Development functions, and a good place to begin defining the role the company plays in the development process.

Crown’s mission is to envision and create memorable communities of high quality that meld naturally into their surroundings and generate real long-term value for landowners, municipalities, builders, residents and neighbors. Fulfillment of that mission requires substantial financial resources, exhaustive research capabilities, extraordinary patience and perseverance. It also calls for expertise and sensitivity in a wide range of disciplines, from municipal planning and community design, to architectural and building processes, to land management and environmental systems. Above all, it demands vision – the ability to simultaneously see, address, and balance the immediate concerns of today with the long-term community needs of tomorrow.